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At Pierrus Agency we offer marketing consultancy services to interior designers, architects and brands that operate in the interior design and larger design sectors.

In addition, we are able to create bespoke marketing plans for your business, including brand strategy, marketing consultancy, digital advertising, social media, SEO and website design.


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Brand strategy

Effective branding is key to the success of any marketing efforts. Every brand is different and there is no ‘one size' fits all’ strategy. We’ll assess your brand’s current state, refining it to meet your business’ objectives, ensuring you are reaching the right audience.

Social media

Whether your social media presence needs a strategic boost or you’d like someone to manage it for you, we can help. With a data-driven approach, we’ll make sure your social media accurately represents your brand and works hard for your business.


It’s vital that your website operates at its best. As such, SEO is becoming the most important aspect of any business’ marketing suite. We’ve championed this sector, raising our client’s search rankings markedly through a plethora of organic methods.


Our network of journalists, editors, publicists and more means we’re positioned to place your brand in many of the world’s leading publications. We’ll create diverse campaigns to support any features, ensuring maximum exposure and ROI every time.

Content creation

Running a creative business in the digital age means great content is crucial to communicating your brand’s message effectively. Our team will create captivating content that resonates with your brand and encourages your audience to engage with you.

Bespoke packages

Every business is different and so are their marketing requirements. We offer packages to suit every business’ needs and budget, making sure the most important bases for your business are covered first.


The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing
— Tom Fishburne


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