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Why SEO is essential for interior designers and architects


You put great effort into making sure your website is the best representation of your skills and your artistic vision as an interior designer - but, how do you ensure new people are consistently able to find your website?

The answer is search engine optimisation. Few people even look past page one of Google rankings, so you need your interior design business to rank highly. How do you do that? Here are five SEO tips for interior designers to help boost your ranking.

1. Choosing your keywords

Keywords are the cornerstone of SEO - choosing the right words will ensure you’re getting visibility in the right places. Think of the keywords that accurately represent your brand, your vision, and your service. Also, be practical, and make sure to include your location, your brand name and what you offer, i.e: ‘luxury interior design London’.

2. Use keywords sparingly

It's important you weave your keywords naturally throughout your website content. The temptation is to use them everywhere, but this makes your content read in a very unappealing and unnatural way. Not only that, but Google will actively penalise websites that it deems guilty of "overstuffing" keywords, so there is no practical benefit to doing it at all.

3. Creating metadata

Metadata is a short description of your website that allows Google to understand who you are and what you do. Making sure your meta description is as accurate as possible, and contains a measured selection of keywords, is key to ranking well in a variety of searches. Metadata applies to all of the pages on your website, so ensure each description is correct. Don’t forget to correctly label any images on your website as well. The alt data is a section hidden from public view, that tells Google what the image contains.

4. Cultivate those backlinks

A backlink is, basically, a link from one website to another. It has long been a way for Google to determine your website's authority, which will lead to higher search rankings. You can cultivate backlinks either through sharing your web content/site via your social media channels, or through actively reaching out to bloggers/influences and offering content.

5. Keep content fresh

Keeping your content fresh is essential for improving SEO. This means you should regularly create content, but also updating existing content to keep it applicable to the current time. This keeps your websites active, and helps establish you as an interior design authority - becoming viewed as an authority is key for continually improving your search rankings.

SEO is arguably one of the most important things any interior designer needs to consider, to both grow their business and cultivate their community. If you want to share your ideas and inspiration with a wider group of people, and establish yourself as an authority amongst your peers, you need to develop effective SEO strategies.

To find out more on how you can boost your SEO ranking or to discuss a bespoke SEO strategy for your brand, get in touch.

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