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Masterclass: Client Management for Interior Designers

Managing client and supplier relationships is a challenge for most interior designers. 

Each new design project usually arrives with the following daunting challenges:

  • Find out how influencing skills can help you stay in control with clients and challenging situations.

  • How to define the Rules of Engagement and establish healthy boundaries with new and existing clients, before, during and after projects. 

  • How to negotiate a deal that clearly defines deliverables and ensures you maximise a profit from the job.

This intensive and practical 1-day workshop has been put together to address the client challenges that most interior designers face. It will empower you with the right skills to deal with and navigate challenging client relationship dynamics. 

Your two experts will take you through practical step-by-step approaches which will equip you with the skills to manage challenging client relationships and teach you how to negotiate a better deal for you and your business.

On the day we will cover:

Establishing Rules of Engagement with your clients

  • How to manage your clients effectively during the design project

  • How to establish ‘healthy boundaries’ and manage client expectations

  • How to be more assertive; set healthy boundaries, and say “no”

  • Tips to deal with additional requests that are outside your contracted scope of work 

  • How to manage an ‘absent’ client

  • How to manage challenging power plays & manipulation

  • How to calm down an irate client in 6 easy steps

Influencing Skills

  • How to read your clients’ personality types, and how to build a client strategy that works with each client personality ‘type’

  • Personal ‘derailers’ – why some designers negotiate themselves right out of the project

  • Uncover your unique personality type and your personal business strengths and weaknesses

  • Create your USP in an ever-increasing competitive environment

  • Learn to sell your intrinsic ‘value’

Interior design client relationship dynamics

  • What your clients are really looking for in their work relationship with you

  • Tips for closing a deal and securing a new client

  • How to negotiate better terms and fees for you and your business

Who is this workshop for?

You are an interior designer with a growing portfolio of clients with demanding projects. You are looking to grow your business and ensure you have control over your client relationships. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email us on

Who are the experts:

Grant Pierrus is the founder of Pierrus Agency, a specialist marketing and strategic consulting firm to the interior design and architectural sector. Grant is a recognised leader in the design sector helping to grow design firms using new online technologies. Pierrus Agency works with top design and architectural firms in the UK, Europe, Middle East and the USA.

Grant is also the founder of the popular award winning luxury interior design publication Interior Style Hunter which champions the sector and showcases the best that luxury design offers from around the globe.

John French is a highly respected communication strategist and communication skills coach. Having amassed 23 years of across-the-board experience in the communication training industry, John has created some of the brightest performers in many professions and industries, and has radically improved the bottom line of organisations he has partnered with.

With a background in Law, Public Relations and Speech and Drama, John has the necessary knowledge and experience to look at communication both holistically and strategically. Communication, leadership & influence are very intricate human sciences. Over the decades, John has developed training methodologies and communication models to help our clients break through their limiting fears and barriers to achieve communication and career success.

John spends the majority of his time training Asset Management clients, and he also trains leadership communication, presentation skills and influencing skills at The University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business, which is Triple-crown accredited (Triple-crown accreditation is held by less than 1% of business schools in the world, and is granted by the three largest and most influential business school accreditation organisations).

For more information contact John at

Pierrus Agency