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Top content marketing tips for interior designers

The world of interior design is a competitive one that requires interior design businesses to be both exceedingly creative and able to disseminate their work to a target audience of potential clients. Even the most talented of interior designers are unlikely to build up a successful business without a meticulously organised and targeted marketing and social networking campaign.

In today’s digital environment, one of the most important aspects of a marketing campaign is content marketing.

What exactly is content marketing?

Put simply, content marketing is the creation and dissemination of different kinds of online content to existing and potential customers. Types of content could include blogs, social media posts, client testimonials, infographics, videos or informative articles about aspects of interior design. At the core of content marketing is the notion of building a brand and generating a coherent story around your business that will build brand awareness and connect with your audience.

A guide to content marketing for interior designers

Successful interior design marketing requires a few specific techniques and strategies.

These include:

1. Show your knowledge of the industry

Remember that most of your customers are unlikely to be familiar with the world of interior design. Some clients may view your work as fulfilling a fairly simple role that involves the ability to marry certain colours together, for example, but through a well defined content plan, you’re able to demonstrate and show the design process that you take the client through.

Of course, as you’re well aware, a successful interior designer needs to be very good with numbers and knowledgeable in various laws, as well as having a wonderfully creative eye. Fortunately, content marketing is a fantastically simple and effective way of demonstrating that you possess these various qualities.

To start, come up with a list of interior design facts that outsiders may not be aware of, and use it to come up with some eye-catching blog posts. For example, it is important to know how much weight a wall or piece of furniture can hold without caving in, calculations that require a mathematical brain. Try writing a personality-filled post about the ins-and-outs of interior design calculations. If writing isn’t your thing, outsource the task to someone that has experience in professional writing, giving them as detailed a brief as possible.

2. Curate a sleek portfolio that covers various online platforms

As an industry deeply interested in aesthetics, developing a widely accessible and attractive portfolio is fundamental to your interior design brands success. Start by posting images and descriptions of past projects on your personal website, foregrounding the projects you are most proud of. Clients will be able to make informed judgements about whether they want to work with you, and will feel reassured that they have opted for a skilled and trustworthy designer.

Social media is highly important for interior designers who want to ensure their portfolio is advertised far and wide. Instagram, in particular, is a match made in heaven for those hoping to build their brand. As a site primarily focused on images and aesthetics, all you need do is post attractive and on-trend pictures that convey what your style of design is all about. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn may also act as useful platforms to share blog posts, videos or articles.

3. Consider outsourcing your marketing jobs

Whilst it is important to convey your own personality and unique selling points in your marketing strategy, this should not stop you from hiring professionals to give you a helping hand. After all, most of your energy should be going into your important role as an interior designer.

To give yourself more time and ensure your marketing strategy is well thought through, start looking for agencies that can help out. At Pierrus Agency, we are dedicated to offering our clients bespoke marketing services that will drive sales and increase their online presence. Get in touch today to find out more.

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