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How to work with an interior designer


An interior designer is invaluable if you want to maximise your interior decoration potential, regardless of the space you have available. An interior designer isn't only going to be available for full house redesigns and remodelling - you can work with an interior designer on a room by room basis. You can even have a consultation, lasting just a few hours.

Knowing how to work with an interior designer is essential to making the most of their services. It's pointless if you're going to tell them what's what every step of the way, but similarly if you just leave them to do everything, you won't get what you want. Finding the middle ground is key to a productive working relationship.

Here's what you need to keep in mind to make the most of an interior designer's services.

Communication is key

However you choose to work with your interior designer, be it for your whole house, room by room, or even hour by hour, you must communicate properly.

Striking the balance between being decisive and being demanding is highly important. No interior designer can work to the best of their ability with no information from you. If you don't tell them what you want, how can you expect them to achieve it? Be as clear and specific with your instructions as possible. Lay out your ideas for colour schemes and designs early, and make sure your interior designer knows your end goal.

However, be realistic with your expectations. There is always something that's going to be lost in translation between the picture in your mind and the picture that someone forms in theirs when you describe it. You can't expect things to be spot on and picture-perfect. But that doesn't mean you should ever accept sub-standard work. If you see something isn't right, don't wait until the end of the project to say something. Speak as soon as possible, to ensure any problems can be put right or details clarified.

Understand the project

Work with interior designers will generally begin with a walk-through of the space that's going to be redecorated. This is your chance to see if the interior designer is right for you - do this by laying out your plans as keenly as possible and tell them the ideal budget you're working with. They should be able to tell you whether or not they can help you, if your project is reasonably budgeted, and, if not, what compromises you can make to get the ball rolling.

This is when you should also ask how long the project is going to take. Remember that good work can't be rushed. A flurry of interior design makeover programs have given people the false impression that homes can be renovated in under a day. This is not the case. Similarly, don't be afraid to press the issue if you feel the quoted time is too long - if you just want your bedroom repainted and it's going to take a week, don't be afraid to ask why.

Don’t rush the relationship

Working with an interior designer is only ever successful when you both connect over a common goal. If you're finding it hard to communicate with your interior designer, or they appear uninterested or unhelpful, it's time to move on.

This is your property, your project, and your money - you should be willing to invest the time necessary to find the right interior designer for you. When you find someone who shares your vision, the results are always going to be that much more satisfying.

Knowing how to properly work with an interior designer is the first step to achieving your design goals.

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